Pathways2Possibilities (P2P) is an interactive career expo designed for all 8th graders in private and public schools in the six lower counties of Mississippi.  Each student is given the opportunity to explore the 19 Pathways which represent different career paths the students might one day take.  GCCDS was invited to help represent the Architecture and Construction Pathway and was given the challenge of designing an interactive exhibit that would demonstrate the profession and inspire the students to further consider the field.

GCCDS designed a game and challenged students to create a simple floorplan on a gridded sheet of paper and then “build” that floorplan using the mobile life-size building components on the exhibit floor.  Each team was encouraged to think about the spaces they were creating on paper and how the windows and doors affected natural light and circulation through their space.  The students then students rushed off to maneuver their building components into place on a larger-scale grid marked on the floor.  Their excitement in getting to see their creations come to life was palpable and some promising young architects were discovered.