Sarracenia Nature Park exists on a 30 acre site in the heart of Moss Point's Escatawpa neighborhood and consists of unique wetland habitats and a meandering course of Brickyard Bayou..  The design re-creates pine savannah, gum pond and pitcher plant bog habitats, while also protecting existing deciduous forest habitats, ephemeral lowlands and fern groves.  Visitors will be able to enjoy the habitat diversity by way an entry court and informational pavilion that leads to a network of trails, boardwalks and eco-node classrooms. 

The design encourages people to use the park as a place for education, recreation and leisure.   The use of informational signage will allow visitors to identify plant types, animal species and site-specific geomorphologies that can be seen throughout the nature park.  The planned trail network consists of over one half mile of ADA accessible trails and boardwalks and an additional one mile of foot paths.  The trails will take joggers and walkers through a variety of sensory experiences ranging from the poignant smell of sweet bay magnolia to the sounds of a variety of bird songs.  Eco-nodes position themselves at the most interesting points along the trails network; creating space for sitting, observing, listening and learning.

Sarracenia Nature Park will be a great addition to the City of Moss Point’s parks system.  It is made possible by the partnership of City of Moss Point, Land Trust for the Mississippi Coast Plain, Gulf Coast Community Design Studio with funding by Coastal Impact Assistance Program administered through U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Mississippi Department of Marine Resources.