We are eager to collaborate with you because we know from experience that working together always benefits both GCCDS and those with whom we work.  Here are some possible ways to work with us.  Please contact for all cases.

Seek our professional services

Our mission is to work with municipalities and non-profit organizations on projects that accomplish, in combination or alone, two objectives: 1) provide design and planning services to the community, especially to underserved populations that need the help of government and non-profit organizations; 2) address systemic problems in the built and natural environment that require multidisciplinary, educational, and collaborative methods.  We find that some project inquiries are better directed to a conventional architectural firm, but we don’t mind people asking and are happy to offer advice and referrals to other design professionals for those projects.  For projects that fit within our mission, we are happy to produce a proposal for our services and work with you to figure out how to meet your needs and cover our salary and operating costs.  As a university program we work through Mississippi State University’s Office of Sponsored Programs and have been successful at forming work agreements with dozens of partners.

Partner on a grant application

The majority of our work and income come from grants.  All of our grants have partners.  We have found that for some grant opportunities we are best suited to be the lead applicant, while with other opportunities it has worked better for us to help another organizations be the lead applicant.  We are very pragmatic about this sort of thing because we share your goal of getting something done.  We are always open to be part of a grant application because, whatever the outcome, the work to apply for a grant helps all of us formulate ideas and plans.

Donate or fund our work

We realize that our work aligns with the mission of many philanthropic organizations.  We are always looking for funding partners and are pleased to learn about programs to support social impact work.  In addition, we have day-to-day financial needs that benefit from donations.

Volunteer in the design studio

Many students and design professionals have worked as volunteers in the Design Studio.  Because we are an ongoing practice with experienced professionals we are able to incorporate volunteers into our work at any time.  Volunteers are always welcome because we have seen that as volunteers help with our work they benefit as much as we do. 

Use our work for your research

Many students and faculty have used the work of the Design Studio in their research.  Obviously, we have produced much more than the work included in our website and we are happy to provide information for various research efforts.

Arrange to visit, enlist us to give a presentation, get career advice, etc.

You are welcome to contact for such inquiries.