Mississippi Gulf Coast Flood Zone Mitigation Planning.  Support from the Walmart Foundation to survey and map houses in expanded flood zones for the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast and work with the community of East Biloxi to produce a Flood Zone Mitigation Plan. 2016 to present.

Mound Bayou Preservation Summit.  Partnership with Mississippi Heritage Trust to organize and hold a preservation summit for the historic Isaiah Montgomery house in Mound Bayou, a town in the Mississippi Delta that was founded by former slaves as post-Reconstruction African American settlement. 2016 to present.



Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program.  Research and technical support to advisory committee that is determining the use of $15,000,000 for energy conservation assistance to households impacted by Mississippi Power Kemper Power Plant. 2015-present.

National Disaster Resilience Competition.  Assisted the state with application for HUD program. 2015.

National Resilience Initiative.  Designated by AIA and Architects Foundation as one of the first Resilient Design Studio to lead and participate in the newly establish NRI program. 2015 to present.

Diamondhead Duck Pond Stream Mitigation.  As part of the Rotten Bayou Watershed Implementation Plan, designed and installed spillway treatment and stream natural landscape to improve water quality from Duck Pond. 2015.

Moss Point Nature Park Master Plan.  Provided assessment and master plan to the city of Moss Point for recently acquired property to become a natural park. 2015.

Shearwater Park Design.  Partnership with Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain to provide park design for naturalized landscape. 2015 to present.

Wind and Flood Mitigation Research.  Support from Oxfam America to research wind and flood mitigation programs on the Gulf Coast, their effectiveness, funding and lessons learned. 2015.

Community Health Initiative.  Support from the Louisiana Public Health Institute to engage the community to create and promote the use of a web-based community health and resilience data resource tool for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 2015-2017.

Phoenix Naval Store Restoration Feasibility Study.  Partnership with Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain and unabridged Architecture to provide restoration feasibility report of the Phoenix Naval Store in the Turkey Creek community of Gulfport.  2015-present.

Weeks Bayou Restoration and Outdoor Classroom.  Partnership with Land Trust of the Mississippi Coastal Plain to remove retaining wall, restore tidal marsh and construct an outdoor learning classroom.  2015 to present.



Sarracenia Nature Park Design.  Partnership with Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain to design and construct a nature park in Moss Point. 2014-2015.

Elementary Education for Rotten Bayou Watershed. Support from NOAA Gulf of Mexico B-Wet program for environmental education. 2014-2015.

Resilience and Disaster Preparedness Courses.  Partnership with National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, 2014 to present.

Storm water innovation and education.  Support from the Surdna Foundation for community-engaged stormwater planning working with Biloxi Junior High School and Gulfport High School. 2014-2016.

Tornado Replacement Houses. Partnership with R3SM to design and build houses in Hattiesburg, MS. 2014 to present.



Rebuild by Design.  Part of one of ten teams selected by HUD to create resilient design strategies for communities affected by Sandy.  The team included GCCDS, unabridged Architecture, and Waggonner and Ball Architects.  The project is Resilient Bridgeport. 2013-2014.

Rotten Bayou Watershed Implementation Plan.  Partnership with Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain to produce a community-driven plan for the watershed.  The project is partially funded by a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Nonpoint Source (NPS) Branch under the provisions of Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act along with State and local match.  2013 to present.

Women in Construction Work Space.  Partnership with Moore Community House to provide architectural services and construction administration for teaching space. 2013-2014. AIA Mississippi Honor Award, 2014. 

Resilient House Building Guide.  Support from The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) to produce a user-friendly guide for resilient homes. 2013-2014.

Houston Disaster Recovery Houses.  Partnership with BcWorkshop with support from HUD funds through the City of Houston to design 250 Hurricane Ike Replacement houses.  2013-2015.



Stormwater on the Peninsula.  Support from American Architectural Foundation to work with Biloxi Junior High School to exhibit stormwater design work. 2012.

Long Term Workforce Housing Design Services.  HUD support through the Gulf Coast Community Foundation to continue design services for Katrina rebuilding. 2012-2013.

Energy Retrofit.  Partnership with Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast for energy testing and home improvements for energy retrofit program.  2012 to 2013.

St. Michael’s Grotto.  Design services for St. Michael’s Church in Biloxi to design a replacement for a grotto destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. 2012.

Bike Biloxi.  Partnership with Biloxi Main Street and City of Biloxi to design maps and signs for bike routes. 2012.

Lamey Bridge Senior Housing. Landscape Design with Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation. 2012 to 2013.

Beverly Housing Predevelopment Planning.  Partnership with South Mississippi Housing and Development Corporation with support from Enterprise Community Partners to organize and run a predevelopment design program for affordable senior housing in Hattiesburg.  2012-2013.



Gulf Coast Sustainable Communities Regional Plan.  Three-year consortium of planning and advocacy organizations to create Plan for Opportunity, a sustainable regional plan for the Mississippi Gulf Coast supported by HUD’s Sustainable Communities Initiative. In partnership with Gulf Regional Planning Commission, Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District, Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation, Mississippi Center for Justice, STEPS Coalition, The Ohio State University, Kirwan Institute.  2011 to 2014.

Howard Avenue and Downtown Biloxi.  Planning and landscape design work with City of Biloxi, Biloxi Main Street and Biloxi Housing Authority.  Partially supported by Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation and Biloxi Housing Authority. 2011 to present.

Kingdom CDC Neighborhood Planning.  Design services to Kingdom CDC in West Gulfport for community center, prayer garden and advocacy to address proposed transport road. 2011 to 2013.

I-110 Landscape Design.  Design for landscape under and alongside I-110 in Biloxi. 2011 to 2013.

Old Brick House Landscape Design.  Landscape design in partnership with city of Biloxi and Biloxi Garden Club for historic house garden and natural shoreline. 2001-2012.

Temporary Disaster Housing Research.  Support from the Department of Homeland Security to research FEMA’s temporary disaster housing to create design requirements. 2011 to 2013.

Public School Environmental Design.  Support from National Endowment for the Art to teach environmental design to Biloxi Junior High School students.  2011 to 2013.



Shaw Homestead.  Support from the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain to research and create an interpretive exhibit and community events for a historic homestead. 2010 to 2011.

Cottages at 2nd Street, Pass Christian. Landscape Design with Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation. 2010.

Cottages at Oak Park, Ocean Springs. Landscape Design with Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation. 2010.

Bayou Auguste Restoration.  Support from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Fish America Foundation and Gulf of Mexico Foundation to restore a tidal marsh habitat as part of an East Biloxi environmental education program.  Community Partners are Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain, City of Biloxi, Biloxi Public Schools, Biloxi Housing Authority, Moore Community House's Women in Construction, and Cypress Environmental.  2010 to 2015.  Mississippi AIA Citation Award, 2012.

Ocean Springs YMCA. Site Plan and Feasibility Study. 2010.

Soria City Neighborhood Planning.  Land-use, stormwater and sidewalk design for Soria City neighborhood in Gulfport.  2010 to 2011.

Moss Point City Parks.  Planning, programing and design assistance to the City of Moss Point Parks and Recreation Department. 2010 to 2014.

East Lawn Elementary School Playground.  Support from the Ohr O’Keefe Museum to work with Pascagoula High School students to design and build a tree-house play structure for a local school. 2010.



Flood-proof Commercial Construction.  Support from the Department of Homeland Security in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to research the technical, regulatory, insurance and economic aspects of flood-proof commercial construction for neighborhood scale mixed-use buildings. 2009 to 2011.

Bethel Estates.  Design services with Back Bay Mission for 36 affordable houses. 2009 to 2010.

Moss Point Community Studio.  Support from the National Endowment for the Arts for a series of exhibits and community workshops. 2009 to 2010.

Union Street Housing.  Design services for Bay Waveland Habitat for Humanity to provide landscape design, house design advice and design standards for affordable housing project.  2009.

East Biloxi Main Street Redevelopment Planning.  Support from the Knight Foundation through the Biloxi Housing Authority to provide community planning for a network of housing organizations. 2009 to 2011.

Green Communities Community Plan for North Gulfport.  Support from Enterprise Community Partners to work with North Gulfport Community Land Trust to plan and run Green Communities Charrette. 2009.

Biloxi Housing Authority Infill Houses.  Design services for single family houses for infill sites in East Biloxi. 2009.

Main Street NAACP Building Feasibility Study.  Partnership with Biloxi Housing Authority to study the feasibility of redeveloping the historic NAACP building on Main Street in East Biloxi into senior housing. 2009 to 2010.



The Trace Housing. Design services for Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  26 houses completed. 2008.

Hancock Housing Resource Center Design Services.  Design services for Hancock Housing Resource Center, now Hancock Resource Center, for house rebuilding.  Responsible for around 27 completed new houses in Hancock County. 2008 to 2011.

Oak Street Neighborhood Planning and Zoning.  Partnership with National Alliance of Vietnamese American Service Agencies (NAVASA) to work with East Biloxi Vietnamese Community to envision development on Oak Street. 2008.

Gulf Coast Needs Assessment.  Support from Institute for Sustainable Communities to assess the planning needs and capacity of the Gulf Coast. 2008.

Bethel Free Health Clinic.  Partnership with Fuller Center for Housing and Biloxi Housing Authority to design and build a free clinic in Biloxi housing development. 2008-2009.

Long Term Workforce Housing Design Services.  Support from HUD through the Mississippi Development Authority to provide design services to five housing organizations that received HUD funds.  Completed over 150 new houses and 50 rehabilitated houses.  2008 to 2011.  Broussard House Mississippi Honor Citation Award, 2010.

Energy Efficient Design Tools.  Support from the U.S. Department of Energy to research practical energy conservations measures, produce design tools for energy choices, and implement energy conservation methods in house projects. 2008 to 2011.

John Henry Beck Park Projects.  Design and construction of accessible porch for historic house, landscape plans and community garden.  2008 to 2010.



Renaissance Development Standards.  Partnership with Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation to create and administer development standards. 2007 to present.

Housing Systems Educational Program.  Support from the Small Business Administration for research, education and demonstration of comparative housing systems. 2007 to 2009.



Rebuilding East Biloxi.  HUD University Rebuilding America Partnership grant for community planning and house rebuilding design services in collaboration with the East Biloxi Coordination, Relief and Redevelopment Agency, now Hope Community Development.  Responsible for over 200 rehabilitated houses and around 70 completed new houses in East Biloxi. 2006 to 2008.  Gulf Region AIA Honor Citation, 2007.  Terner Prize for Innovation in Affordable Housing, Finalist Award, 2008.